Welcome to Leander Hong Kong


Stig Leander is responsible for the majority of the designs in Leander. Stig served his apprenticeship as blacksmith and is skilled at using his hands and he has an incredible eye for design and function. With a passion for craftsmanship and a great portion of curiosity, he explores the materials that he works with and sees opportunities rather than limitations.

Stig doesn’t sketch his ideas. He dreams. He uses neither a computer nor a pad. But as an artist, he shapes his furniture using his hands and eyes. He challenges the materials’ properties and possibilities using cardboard, glue and wood. To the smallest detail. Until it feels right.


Behind each piece of furniture lies a well-thought-out vision and good craftsmanship. When choosing a Leander piece of furniture, you invest in not just a piece of furniture for one child. But in a piece of furniture that can be inherited. When Stig Leander is in the workshop to design, he always takes the starting point in the child or adult who needs the furniture. In need to be met. The philosophy behind Leander is that form and function must go into a higher unity. The furniture must adapt to the child and never the other way. Leander is not just a furniture company. It's a philosophy. A feeling, and an attitude about materials, form and function.